Vendors We Love

These wonderful vendors below have all donated their awesome, safe items to help gliders in need, and we would like to thank them for their generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Buyers – when paying via PayPal, please use the “goods and services” option. The “friends and family” option offers no protection and we do not recommend this type of transaction when purchasing items from people you do not personally know. While Sugar Glider Guardians tries very hard to feature only reliable vendors, we cannot be responsible for transactions that do not go as planned. Please protect yourself when purchasing.


cage sets, bonding bags, etc.


Amanda Basham – Creations n Critters

Amy Conley – Conley Custom Concepts

Andrea N Taylor – Suggie Me

Angela Allen – Suggies, Spice, and Everything Nice

Angel Harding – Angel’s Gliders & Supplies

Allisa Elliot – Allisa’s Sugar Glider World

Alysha Leverett – Suggie Snuggies

Becky Gomez – Becky’s Sugar Babies

Brittany Ratliff – Suggie Bag Boutique

Bobbi Tindle – Glider Palace

Catherine Fritz – Oh Sew Sweet Sallie

Chris Allen – Five Finger Suggie Punch

Chris Mohrbacher-Atkins – CreatedMoments

Christy Lanphere Prentice – For the Love of Gliders

Connie Caldwell – Blue Angel Exotics

Connie Holmes – Connie’s Creations & Critters

Critter Love

Dawn Lindsey – Break of Dawn Sugars and Supplies

Dawn R Stagg – Up Till Dawn Sugar Glider Gear

Eliana Rutherford – Cream & Sugars

Gabi LeBlanc Russell – Suggie Poot’s Boutique

Gissy Rivera – Glider Couture

Helene Greenspan Kempf – Sugar Glider Delights

Hope Kerr – Ab Fab Pet

Jennie Howe – GliderLove

Jennifer Hayward – SAFE Sugar Gliders

Jennifer Kennedy – Fuzzy Lil Fleece Creations

Jewlia Draper – JuniperFig

Karen Ernest – Karen’s Pouches and More

Kat Metzinger – The Kat’s Pyjamas

Kristen Denafio – The Neitherworld Glider Room

Lauren Rotchford – Cozy Critter Store

LeAnne Deel – White Oak Gliders

Linda Hargroves

Linda Rawlins – Rawlins Creations

Logan and Jolee Spaeth – A Handful of Sugar

Mara Shimerda – Sierra Nevada Gliders

Marie Peck – Sugar Glider Joy | Sugar Glider Joy Shop

Mari-Anne Kruger – Belle Âme Sugar Gliders & Small Animal Accessories

Melissa Nutley – Glider Creations

Morgan Berliner – Morgs N’ Friends

Newa Hogan – Souther Sugar Shack

Rose Meredith – Glamour Gliders

Samantha Gouldman – Samantha’s Glider Gear

Sarah Hinchliff

Shannon Leigh – Wild Little Monkeys

Tammy Hayes – Sugar Glider Dreams

Tammy Ralls – Sugar Mama’s Sugar Gliders

Tara Kim – Critters Comforts

Tasha Bullard – Charming Gliders

Tiffany Almeida – Sleepy Snuggies

Tina Han – Feelin’ Glide

Yaniah Jones – Fuzzbutt Galore



Andrea N Taylor – Suggie Me (medical vests)

Denise Rainwaters (satellite e-collars & e-jackets) –
Email and follow up with text to (260) 438-2237.

Sugar Glider Guardians (Emergency kits)



Amanda Hoff – Crafty Glider

Angela Allen – Suggies, Spice, and Everything Nice

April SpringAirs – Springs Sugar Glider Toys

Betina Gomez Noveh – Sugar Love 13

Brandi Learn – The Sugar Glider Outlet

Crystal Vealy – Crystal’s Discounted Sugar Glider Toys

Debbie Enghusen Prince – Critter Adventures

EmmyLynn Wilkins – Suggies Shopkins

Gabi LeBlanc Russell – Suggie Poot’s Boutique

Janelle Crane – Sugar Glider Toy Box

Jenn Campbell – Gobblin Gliders Toyshop

Jennie Howe – Glider Love

Jerri Bailey – Sugar Gliders Just Wanna Have Fun

Jessi Cormier – Jessie’s Suggie Shack

Jessica Ann – The Suggie Chronicles

Jessica Stephens – J.A. Sugar Glider Toys

JoJo Ann – Jojo’s Bird toys & Sugar Glider Animal Toybox Tunnels

Karen Thatcher – Sugar Fly Designs

Kristen Jaynes – A and K Suggies

Kristi Preston Barnes – Suggie Snuggle Shop

Laura and Kevin Lawson – Voodoo’s Rings & Things

Layla Scott – Buddy & Bubbles Sweet Glider Toyshoppe

LeAnne Deel – White Oak Sugar Gliders & Supplies

Linda Haven – Decapitation

Lorraine Haverman – Lorraine’s Tiny Hearts Sugar Glider Toys

Lynsie Burgtorf – Lucky You Gliders

Mae Lowry – Suggie Shop of Horrors

Mari-Anne Kruger – Belle Âme Sugar Gliders & Small Animal Accessories

Maria Ivey – Suggie Toy Shoppe

Mary Anderson – Fran’s Fuzzbutts Fun Shop

Melissa Lewis – The Glider Patch

Michelle Chandler Matthews – Suggie Creations

Michelle Cutler – Glidergals Sugar Gliders

Morgan Berliner – Morgs N’ Friends

Newa Hogan – Southern Sugar Shack

Renee Huffman – Sugar Dust Farm

Rose Meredith – Glamour Gliders

Sabrina Harper – Rosie’s Suggie Shop

Sara Johnson Baire – Mama Baire’s Sugar Gliders

Shannon Leigh – Wild Little Monkeys

Shawna Grayham – Suggie Shack Toys

Shawna Miller Nye – Nyece Life

Stacy Sayer – Suggiesweet Toys

Sydnee Ratcliff – Sydnee’s Designs

Yaniah Jones – Fuzzbutt Galore