Sugar Glider Guardians Notepads


Type 1:  50-page blank notepad with lines and our art.

Type 2:  100-page glider care checklist with our art.

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Type 1 is a blank notepad, with just our art and lines. It has approximately 50 pages.


Type 2 is a glider care checklist with our art, and it is approximately 100 pages! This list is very detailed, and is intended to be used by those who might forget something, especially children or pet sitters! For a pet sitter, the idea is that the owner will complete a page in the manner they want their gliders cared for, and then the pet sitter will have to do and check off those particular items, one sheet per day per cage, to make sure they have covered all bases and their list looks like the original that the owner left for the pet sitter. I have included two examples of how these could be used. You may even want to make it so they get paid based on their completion of the list! We came up with the idea of this notepad because pet sitters are one of the most common causes of death for gliders. They forget to feed, forget about two sources of water, leave the cage open, leave a toilet lid up, etc. This notepad could prevent that!

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