Sugar Glider Emergency Kit

A kit that contains 20 essential items for your gliders in case of a health or injury emergency.

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The kit includes:

  1. a vial of Vetericyn VF (better than regular vetericyn, you will pay $25 on amazon for a bottle of this stuff by itself).
  2. a vial of blood stop powder
  3. 2 packets of SurgiLube (for use on prolapsed penis)
  4. Two satellite-style e-collars, both already fitted with moleskin
  5. two handwarmers (to keep your glider warm in case of illness, injury, or dehydration)
  6. one dropper bottle (for travel hydration)
  7. a piece of moleskin
  8. two fleece blankets
  9. five cotton balls
  10. three sterile syringes (for medicine and syringe feeding)
  11. three dropper tube things (for hydration)
  12. a nail file (for filing nails or sharp edges)
  13. a piece of vetrap sticky wrap
  14. one antibiotic ointment packet for use on wounds
  15. two purell hand sanitizing wipes
  16. a plastic tweezer
  17. twelve Q-tips
  18. 6 gauze pads
  19. two vials of sterile saline (for wound flushing)
  20. an information sheet that has a place to put your info, your vet’s info, your emergency vet/contact info, etc. (not pictured).


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