Party Ball Toy Kit – Christmas!


This is a toy kit that has all of the materials needed to create two great foraging and pulley toys (examples pictured), and this item ships free!


This kit comes with (amounts are approximate but enough to make the toys pictured are guaranteed to be included): 1 party ball (2 halves), 2 c-links, 2 link locks, 3 small pulley rings, 17 zip ties, 10 bracelets, 1 shot glass, 3 hedge balls, 95-100 charms, 110 mini links, and 375 links of chain.


This toy kit is Christmas themed, with a red or green party ball (our choice but if you order two we will try to give you one of each), and red, green, and white pieces (with a few silver and gold mini links too!).


Please note, you’ll need a few tools to create this toy, including a dremel or drill, and a nail clipper or flush cutter. Please join Jessica’s Attic and 2 Sisters for safe toy making tips. While this kit can be good for beginners, it is intended for those with a basic knowledge of glider toy safety. Wash your toys before use.




Party Ball Toy Kit Tips & Tricks


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