Sugar Glider E-Collars

Sugar Glider E-Collars. Like e-collars for dogs, these collars are to be used in case of an emergency, generally to keep the glider from licking itself or self-mutilation. $5 flat rate shipping on all e-collar orders up to 20.

Additional information


To put a collar on the glider, you should make it tight enough so that it turns on the neck, but there is some resistance there. Also, you need to use several pieces of adhesive. We recommend duct tape or moleskin – something strong. Please see our video below.

Also, here are some tips on caring for a glider in a collar (coming soon). You must make sure they are able to access water and food, and this requires some accommodation.

Please note, we do not ship these to arrive in time for emergencies. However, we do have a template here that you can use to make your own at home in a pinch.


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