Ohio Glider Gathering 2021

Great Fun and Education at the 2021 OGG!

Hi Guardians! I had the great pleasure to attend the Ohio Glider Gathering this past weekend (October 16)! The Ohio Glider Gathering (OGG) this year was in Sharonville, Ohio, which is near Cincinnati. I want to share with you a few highlights of the experience. 


First, Sugar Glider Guardians was honored again this year by being chosen as the OGG’s charitable cause. This means that the OGG donated to a fundraiser for us, and also, we were able to host several of our own raffles, which were a huge hit and so much fun! We had items from many of our vendors including Catherine Fritz, Charlyn Smith, and Chris Mohrbacher. We were able to raise $850 to help gliders in need. AND, as a bonus, we had the privilege of hosting the welcome party on Friday evening, the evening before the gathering. We provided pizza and sandwiches, chips, tea and lemonade, and a few cookies. There was a cookie contest (the potato chip cookies from Rita took the prize, they were so yummy!), sugar glider Bingo, pin the tail on the glider, and a lot of fun conversation and shenanigans. 


At the conference on Saturday, the main event, we were able to hear from several speakers and learn so much about glider care. We heard from Bourbon (a long time glider owner, rescuer, and educator) about bacteria and several other topics, we heard from Resa about preparing your gliders for transport, Rachel spoke about her study on the sarcina bacteria, I (Alea Holladay) talked about common issues that you may have with your gliders and what to do to prevent and treat them. At the end, there was an awesome panel that discussed diet, care, and several other topics. After the talks, there was more vending and shopping, a costume contest, and a craft where we dipped/painted ceramic mugs. 


Bobbi Tindle and LeAnne Deel always host an incredible gathering that is fun and worthwhile. Thank you Bobbi and LeAnne! To anyone reading, if you can make it to Ohio in October for the gathering next year or in any subsequent year, I highly recommend this gathering! Stay tuned here for updates and announcements about the 2022 OGG! 


If you are interested in learning a bit but weren’t able to attend the gathering, we have provided Alea Holladay’s presentation and powerpoint below. The video of the presentation is about an hour, and the powerpoint slides go with the talk. We hope you enjoy it! 

Ohio Glider Gathering 2021

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