Welcome, and happy December!

Hey Guardians!

Moffet and Jemma

Welcome to our blog. With this being our first blog post, and since it is so close to the holidays, I wanted to update you on a few exciting this happening in the next month!

First, starting tomorrow, we are kicking off our 6th annual 25 Days of Warm Fuzzbutts Countdown to Christmas. The countdown will be posted on the Facebook group in the announcements section, and each day for 25 days there will be a new story of how we were able to help a glider this year. This is one of my favorite events that we do, and we hope you really enjoy reading about how your support goes to help sugar gliders who desperately need it!

Also, keep an eye out for some fundraisers mixed in with the countdown. We will have some great things for you to bid on.

And, since you’re here, I’ll tell you a bit about our website. We have tried to provide many helpful resources. Under Glider Care, you should find many pages, including information on diets, nail trims, medical issues, cage setups, and much more. And if you see anything missing or have any suggestions, please contact us and let us know! Under Resources, you’ll find our Find a Vet page, which can help you locate a veterinarian that sees gliders in your area. And in Printables, there is an adoption agreement, a surrender form, an adoption application, and a printable brochure for you to hand out at local stores or festivals that sell gliders.

Lastly, Moffet and Jemma (pictured) are searching for a home. Moffet came to us with an absolutely terrible facial abscess. After spending more than two weeks with the vet, and many more weeks undergoing care in our rescue, he and his lady friend are finally ready for their forever home. Unfortunately, Moffet lost the use of his left eye, but that doesn’t slow him down. He is still fully functional. Feel free to send us a message if you are interested in adopting. <3 Moffet and Jemma are located in our rescue in Houston, Texas. We are very choosy about adopters, but very accommodating when it comes to transportation.

And please remember, we couldn’t help any gliders without your donations, so please, donate! <3 We hope you enjoy our website and our upcoming events! Check back every couple weeks for our latest news, events, updates, and gliders available for adoption.