Goodbye ’21, Hello ’22!

Hey Guardians! Happy New Year!

We have been neglecting the blog lately but we will be getting back to it, so stay tuned! This year, our Facebook group is 7 years old! Time has flown. We want to welcome everyone into the New Year 2022 with a recap of all the phenomenal work we accomplished in 2021 with the help of our members, donors, and mentors.    


In January, we began our monthly requests to be selected for monthly birthday fundraisers. This is an easy and FREE way to support Guardians by setting up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook, where all your friends and family can help support a mission you hold dear to your heart. We love this way to fundraise! Another great and FREE way to support us is by using our Amazon Smile link to order all your Amazon products. Be sure to visit our Amazon Smile and share it with all your friends and family when placing your Amazon orders. In February, we held our Guardians birthday celebration with fun and prizes. We also set up other fun contests throughout the year.

Additionally, we have continued our efforts in growing our mentoring program by 22 more mentors this year! We love all our present and past mentors who give freely of their time, knowledge, skills and abilities. You can learn more about our marvelous mentors via our monthly mentor spotlights, which we feature on our Facebook group and on our blog throughout the year. You can request a mentor here. We continued our mission in so many other ways, too! We continued to provide Safety Saturdays – a weekly discussion on a specific topic related to the safety and care of gliders. Our pouch program is always growing and we continue to send out more safe sleeping pouches to gliders who need them. You can read about the importance of safe sleeping pouches in our blog post entitled A Safe Place to Sleep. We also expanded our shop with new items like e-collars, toy kits, and decals, and we hope to add T-shirts in the coming months. We remained busy on our Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter accounts, and we surpassed 26,000 members on our Facebook group! And, perhaps most importantly, we continued to assist financially with countless neuters and medical appointments for gliders.

With regard to the physical rescue, we also established our presence on Petfinder, Petstablished, Adopt-a-Pet, and several other adoption websites that advertise our adoptable sugar gliders. You can see who is available and apply to adopt them here! We also held several auctions this year and a neuter drive. And finally, we ended the year with our 7th annual 25 Days of Warm Fuzzbutts Countdown to Christmas. These are 25 of our best suggie success stories for the year, along with several auctions thrown in, just for fun. All of these things could not have been accomplished without those who volunteered their time to organize, all our incredible vendors, fabulous donors, and all the members out our Sugar Glider Guardians family! We are so grateful for you and wish you a happy and prosperous new year! 

And please remember, we couldn’t help any gliders without your donations, so please, donate! We hope you enjoy our website and our upcoming events! Check back every couple weeks for our latest news, events, updates, and gliders available for adoption!