Wheels are one of the best and most important things to add to your glider setup! They are a great way to keep your gliders entertained for hours, and let them get some exercise. Here are some tips when choosing a wheel: 

  • Choose a wheel that has a mesh track. This allows for a more sanitary wheel that gliders can grip onto. It is also more fun for them and more entertaining for you! Just wait until they learn to do backflips on it (really!).
  • Choose a wheel that does not have an axle/center bar going through the middle. Center bars can seriously injure or kill gliders by breaking their necks.  Gliders will hop across the wheel instead of running on it, making center bars very dangerous in glider wheels. 
  • Choose a wheel with an open front, so that if one glider is running on it, and another glider tries to jump in, they can do so safely without risk of getting hit by a front cover. 
  • A wheel will likely be your glider’s favorite and most beneficial toy, so choose wisely, and get enough wheels. We recommend at least one wheel per every two gliders housed together. 
  • Fasten the wheel to the cage bars using mounting hardware provided, zip ties, or fleece strips tied around the wheel. This helps prevent sliding. 
  • A good wheel should last several years. Be sure to choose an enclosure that can house a good wheel, including one that has a door big enough to get a wheel through it.